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JPVantage’s Personalized and Proven model is designed to optimize and drive incremental revenue, enhance patient service levels and reduce operating costs without financial risk.




Business Assessment

The JPVantage team will systematically analyze your current profitability, processes and outcomes and present a report which clearly identifies opportunities and pathways for improvement.

Performance Improvement

Through our proprietary 35-point business optimization plan, we ensure profit growth, create workflow efficiencies and enhance clinician and patient experiences.

Revenue Enhancement

Our proven methodology shifts revenue generation and patient satisfaction to our clients, by bringing your billing and product acquisition expertise in-house.

Cost Reduction

JPVantage leverages our aggregated purchasing to deliver best market pricing for our clients’ new and existing purchases. Our cost reduction reach spans from commodity purchases such as paper clips to high dollar med-surg products and capital equipment. We also positively impact distribution/billing, providing alternatives that deliver savings without impacting quality, with regular vendor invoice spot reviews, consistently high vendor service levels and high clinician/patient satisfaction.

Billing/Coding Expertise

We help optimize collections by working closely with our clients in a number of ways. Based on your need, we aid in proper documentation creation, build of fee schedules, add HCPC coding into your billing center, ensure proper code selection and modifier usage, build DME Prescription and dispensing competency including consent to bill, letter of medical necessity and proof of delivery. EMR integration support also is an integral part of our service offering. We always keep our clients up to date relative to changes in coding and billing requirements from both government and commercial payors.

Regulatory Guidance

We know that regulatory compliance is critical to your long-term business sustainability. JPVantage helps assure proper enrollment in CMS DMEPOS, as well as gaining network status with private payors. For clients who are already billing, we confirm efficient processes are in place and reimbursement rates are at appropriate levels.

Product Portfolio Maximization

For clients whose goal is standardization of utilization, we provide access to options and alternatives that make sense for all vested parties.

Supply Chain Support

JPVantage provides non-biased, vendor-neutral support relative to needs assessment,vendor identification, negotiations, contracting and relationship management. We bring access to best market pricing and terms from leading companies across a broad spectrum of service and product categories.

Inventory Management

Our depth of experience allows us to identify the most appropriate inventory management system to suit your needs, as well as skillfully assist in the implementation and monitoring of that system. We will aid in the identification and training of an “owner” for the system who is responsible for daily system oversight.

Staffing Support

We work hand-in-hand with our clients in all aspects of staffing support, training and development. By creating job descriptions, compensation plans and being extremely active in the recruiting and interviewing process, JPVantage has a significant positive impact on the successful hiring of long term and valued employees.


JPVantage works closely with our clients to create and implement standard operating procedures in areas including billing and coding inventory management, paperwork flows, product education, vendor engagement and physician in-service training.