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About Us

JPVantage is an independent Healthcare consulting group that delivers comprehensive solutions, which enhance ancillary services within Hospitals, Surgery Centers and Medical Practices.
JPVantage’s Proven and Guaranteed model is designed to optimize and drive incremental revenue, enhance patient service levels and reduce operating costs without financial risk.
JPVantage is vendor neutral. That means all decisions are made considering the best interests of patient care, physician preference/protocols, and revenue enhancements.

Jerry Goodman

Founder, JPVantage LLC

Jerome Goodman is a founder of JPVantage LLC, a healthcare consulting firm specializing in client revenue optimization. JPVantage delivers comprehensive solutions to the medical industry to enhance ancillary services, reduce costs and improve clinician and patient satisfaction.


Pamela Whitehead

Founder, JPVantage LLC

Healthcare Consultant to Medical Device Companies, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Clinician Practices

Ms. Whitehead, founder of JPVantage LLC, specializes in providing strategic guidance and counsel to healthcare industry organizations. Her concentration is in the areas of durable medical equipment, business development, product commercialization, sales channel development and billing and collections.

Ms. Whitehead has over 25 years in the healthcare space. Just prior to founding JPVantage LLC, she held a senior leadership role at DJO. She also was the owner and president of Orthopaedic Solutions, a medical device distribution and billing organization. Ms. Whitehead serves on multiple boards in including the Orthopaedic Forum, which she co-founded in 1998.