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Realize the financial and operational benefits that our clients across the country are already experiencing.

  • JPVantage immediately identified substantial savings for our purchasing program on all products used in our practice.  Additionally, they identified ancillary billing opportunities, which enabled our practice to increase our revenue per case while enhancing our patient’s outcome and service
  • JPVantage was able to significantly increase our practice revenue, decrease Med- Surg costs, assist with billing compliance and inventory management and standardize policies and procedures related to bringing Durable Medical Equipment in-house. They have worked with us every step of the way from early stage planning to implementation to daily administration of our program. The JPVantage team have allowed us to meet our deadlines and provided a smooth transition for our patients and our entire group of over 25 doctors to a uniform in-house Durable Medical Equipment program.
  • JPVantage delivered significant cost savings associated with our medical supplies, pharmacy supplies and associated delivery cost without disrupting relationships with our existing vendors. JPV’s customer service and support is outstanding, allowing for seamless introduction of their services into our practice.